ICAA, the strategy agency of Independent Contemporary Art Advisor, stands for innovation, transparency and network exchange in the fields of the art market, art collections, fine art services, corporate art & cultural social media. We believe in the synergy and in sharing as a cultural practice in the 21st century.


The ARTWARD is an art conveyor price I give to young promising artist since 2010. The price is today with over 500 daily users a much-used platform for artists, beginners and art experts. It is determined by an annually changing jury and supervised by an exceptional team.


The UNPAINTED 2014 was one of the first fairs in the digital art world. As Co-Founder and Artistic Director, I was able to develop and implement a long-ingrained idea. My thanks go to the sponsors and fans of the show. The success was based on the synergy of the international scene & sharing culture.